The American Association of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN) has been pounding on the door of the FDA to release the data of the hundreds of cases of deadly heart disease associated with grain free mostly ‘novelty’ pet foods.

They have finally released the report that names these food brands. And the photo below is a compilation of foods that have 10 or more cases reported to the FDA.

Please don’t feed grain free foods. Please talk to your vet- not the pet food sales clerk about the best nutrition for your dog. Education matters. Evidence-based good medicine matters. Having a job selling pet food does not make you a nutrition expert. Being a breeder/groomer does not make you an expert. Being a TV celebrity does not make you an expert.

These reported cases are just a drop in the bucket of actual cases. So please keep that in mind. There is a clear correlation and it’s not something to take lightly. A diet change may save your dog’s life, literally.

Educate yourself for your pet’s sake:
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